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Welcome to the all-in-one platform for creating, managing and exploring private game servers.

Starting from 4€

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Welcome to the all-in-one platform for creating, hosting, managing and exploring game servers.

Starting from 4€

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Unlike other game servers platforms, our platform is built and maintained to give you more control over managing your private game server through its highly accessible and featured user interface. here are some of our platform's key features that make it so stunning:

One-click Install for HUNDREDS of plugins,mods, and huge maps collection!
Easy Users management with built-in controls of Admins, Whitelist, and Bans
Auto-complete and listing of all the popular commands in quick view bar at the console
View all your servers details and statistics like players count, existing map, gamemode, etc.
Easy server details and configuration edit in fast and simple interface
No more exhausting tickets! Fast and accessible support via live chat
[CS:GO] Full competition mode that includes GOTV and 3rd Anti Cheat integration
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Why us?

We are constantly focused on innovating our platform to make it as flexible, easy, and featured as possible. We deeply understand how players feel - they want more control over their private game server experience, which in the past required a lot of hassle - until we created Voxbyte.

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AlexaTV is one of the most popular CS:GO female streamers in Romania. She succeeds to charm the viewers with her good mood every time she streams.



Str3sU is streamer that known for his honesty, he is straightforward anytime he shares his thoughts on any subject. He discusses things like eSports, gaming, PC building, and various other topics in an entertaining way on his live streams.



JaxiTV is a very charismatic popular streamer who casts dozens of gaming events such as CSGO tournaments, but who also streams his own content where he shares his CSGO experience with the audience.

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Don't hesitate and start an extraordinary experience on your favorite game.

We support CS:GO, Counter Strike 1.6 and Minecraft