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Innovative game server platform, Useful and Available customer support
and Enterprise performance make Voxbyte an attractive alternative to server hosting.
Game Server PanelOne-click mod install, Map library ready to play, Full server statistics, Push-notifications, Adaptive console, Online file-manager and many more.Basic features (stop, start, console)
Customer Support15 Minutes via Live-Chat agent4-24 Hours via Email
Unlimited RAM1GB
Push Notifications
Mobile app
DatabasesUp-to 5 Databases1 Database
Server Accelerator
Game Servers per Node15+40+
Default Uplink1GE-10GE1GE
2Tbps+ DDoS Protection
Service Level Agreement
Dedicated Port (27015)
Guaranteed bandwidth per server
DataPacket100 Mbps - 40 Gbps
DataPacket100 Mbps - 40 Gbps
Guaranteed bandwidth per server
DataPacket100 Mbps - 40 Gbps
Guaranteed bandwidth per server
DataPacket100 Mbps - 40 Gbps
Guaranteed bandwidth per server
DataPacket100 Mbps - 40 Gbps
DataPacket100 Mbps - 40 Gbps

What makes VoxByte
the best alternative

Innovative panel

In 2022, you deserve to get full value for your money, therefore, we have developed an innovative platform that will satisfy all your needs. From one-click customization options to dynamic and convenient management and even an integrated AI notification system. You get 100% with 0 effort.

Voxbyte panel panel

Support that listens to you

We believe that responsive and efficient customer service is an integral part of the services we offer. Our Live Chat is staffed with support agents in different tiers that strive to give a sympathetic ear to every question, problem and malfunction you have. quickly and efficiently.

Don't lag, Just frag

5MS! Is the average ping that players in Romania have on our servers and in the future also yours. When all our servers are connected to full 10/10 Gbps connection and have a cross connection to all ISPs you can not be surprised by the results. beyond that, the network is coated with Voxility's DDoS protection that can filter up-to 3.5Tbps bad traffic.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely no. If you transfer the Steam Token from your old provider and set it up with us, your server will show up again to Favorites for all of your players within 48 hours. Therefore, you are also entitled to request from us 2 extra days for free for your server.
Of course, we work with the flagship company Voxility that provides us Layer 4 & 7 protection and can filter up-to 3.5Tbps of bad traffic! Beyond that, our entire network is connected to our custom made firewall with protection against recent game exploits.
In Israel, the parent company ESERV has been operating since 2014 with extensive and very in-depth experience and knowledge in the field of technology and game servers, in 2020 we decided that the field of international game servers should move into the new era. The new era, we created under the name of Voxbyte.
Romanian flagship companies like Nexus Gaming, Digital Crusade, AllStars-Media work with us in full cooperation to run their most important projects, including the most important tournaments (Romanian Esports League). But of course there is also an endless list of great communities that chose us and have peace of mind, is one of them.
Yes. We automatically cancel your plan at the end of your billing period however, if you are dissatisfied with our service, you can utilise our 24 hour guarantee where we will provide a full refund within the first 24 hours of purchase.
You can, our packages are all interlinked. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time however do note that updates will only be in effect upon server restart.

Become a VoxByte client

There really is no better time to join Voxbyte. Already we have an ever–growing client list with each and every one being satisfied. Start enjoying the gaming experience of 2023, today!

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